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Our Risk Management Process For Your Needs

Family Offices

Family offices often face unique challenges when it comes to risk assessments and management. At Orbital Risk, we provide full advisory services on best of breed practices in operational risk management, physical and cyber security, as well as situational awareness tool integration, customized specifically to address the specific needs of family offices. Our expertise in comprehensive risk assessments, conversations with stakeholders to map out the human terrain, and physical security assessments helps us to identify all-hazards plans and emphasize the importance of cyber security posture. Trust us to recommend an optimized and holistic approach to mitigate risks for the smooth functioning of your organization.

Operational Risk Management

Risk Management is the ongoing practice of proactively evaluating vulnerabilities, threats, and opportunities. The risk assessment provides deeper insights into the need for continuous risk management. Risk commonly stems from various sources, including people, legal liabilities, technology implementation, strategic management decisions, accidents, and natural disasters. Orbital Risk helps you identify, prioritize, and systematically address the organization's various risk elements and provides a tailored risk management plan to safeguard your interests.

K-12 Schools Risk Consulting

Orbital Risk is committed to delivering actionable risk consulting services to school districts throughout the United States. Our customized exercises are designed to manage organizational risks effectively, and we recognize the importance of integrating tabletop and full-scale exercises that involve internal and external stakeholders. Our overarching goal is to create a clearly defined, attainable, and measurable learning environment that fully engages all participants during emergency and disaster exercises. Our team is always aware of evolving threats and fully committed to providing maximum resilience to school districts across the nation.

Discover Our Expertise

From making strategic decisions to developing new organizational strategies, Orbital Risk is ready to tackle any challenge and put you on the path to success. Let us continuously assess, identify, and mitigate risk in your orbit.

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