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Secure Mail Storage

At Orbital Risk, we provide highly efficient secure warehousing, mail scanning and inspection, and national security-approved destruction services tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

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Secure storage and supply chain solutions are becoming increasingly important in today's world.


With the rise of transnational cybercrime and data breaches, businesses need to be proactive in protecting their valuable information and assets.


Orbital Risk is a trusted partner in this field, providing advanced secure storage and supply chain solutions to businesses of all sizes.


With state-of-the-art technology we ensure that your sensitive equipment is kept safe and secure at all times.

Our turn-key solutions optimize your supply chain operation at every stage and create accountable, compliant, and secure safe havens.

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The financial and reputational risks posed by continuous disruptions in the supply chain have caused many companies to reconsider their product delivery methods.

Orbital Risk Secure Storage and Logistics is here to make it happen. Our onboarding process is fast and our service agreement lengths are flexible, making us your go-to secure storage warehousing partner.


  • State of the art access-controlled environment for sensitive mail and cargo.

  • Cost-effective method for sensitive data storage.

  • Highly secure environment for customer storage needs.

  • NSA/CSS approved shredding, degaussing, and destruction solution.

  • In and Outbound mail screening inspection to verify intact nature of cargo

  • Convenient location for easy access deliveries, inspections, and transfers.

  • Streamlined and secure shredding management.

  • High capacity secure shredding process for customer materials

Orbital Risk’s agile operations allow us to rapidly stand up secure and effective support services in close proximity to our customer’s locations. With decades of experience protecting sensitive assets, our team of experienced, vetted, and trained staff members provide the security and reliability that you can count on.

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Today’s environment of labor shortages and space constraints has caused many organizations to find creative, value-driven service options to meet their evolving operating needs. 

Orbital Risk has the national security-level experience and high-tech industry mindset to meet the agile nature of our customers' most critical needs. 

In addition to our innovative and tailor-made secure storage solutions and National Security compliant destruction services, we also provide customer-focused value by enhancing your capability while saving both time and money. Our additional value-added services include:

  • Full Video Recording of Destruction if required for compliance

  • Disposal of destroyed materiel to meet ESG goals

  • Refurbishment and Recycling of Electronics to responsibly dispose of electronic waste.

  • ESG Reporting that highlights environmental impact and benefits of each customer's service agreement.

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